REPA's OEM partners

Working together, across Europe

REPA Deutschland is an Exclusive Distribution Partner for SGL*

SGL, an EVOCA Group brand, has been manufacturing premium portioned coffee machines since 1976, and it currently stands as a prominent brand in the realm of espresso capsules and pods. The company has consistently dedicated itself to research, experimentation, and innovative design, resulting in its notable expertise and esteemed reputation in the industry.

Since June 2023, REPA Deutschland is the exclusive distributor for SGL in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.
REPA Deutschland takes care of the entire spare parts supply for SGL coffee machines as well as warranty processing.

What are your benefits?

  • Entire range of 100% original SGL spare parts available at REPA Deutschland webshop
  • Top sellers always in stock
  • Next day delivery within Germany, Austria and Netherlands

* Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.