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Fagor, Industrial partners with REPA The Spare Parts Group

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    On 21st May 2021, REPA, Europe´s leading distributor of spares for professional kitchens, coffee and vending machines are announcing their partnership today with the Spanish manufacturer Fagor Industrial.
    Alexander Wiegand, CEO of the REPA-Group explains: “Spares for Fagor Industrial appliances have been part of our OEM program for a long time. But with this intensified partnership, we have invested again in increased stock availability. This will allow both parties to improve their customer spare parts experience and develop synergies.”
    The complete range of Fagor Industrial spares are easy to find in REPA´s webshops. A dedicated landing page with advanced search functionalities allows customers to search directly either with the parts number or by appliance. Exploded views also facilitate finding the correct part.
    “With REPA as our partner, we know that our customers will continue to receive the best after-sales-service in Europe. REPA is the right logistics-partner to have on board, to ensure timely delivery of spares for all of our commercial catering appliances,” comments Mikel Olarte, Director of Marketing, Fagor Industrial.
    REPA has increased its stock levels across all its logistic centers, ensuring highest spares availability and next-day delivery within Europe. The leading distributor of OEM spares in Europe is proud to be partners with Fagor Industrial.
    For further information please contact Stephanie Kallenbach.
    REPA – The Spare Parts Group
    REPA is the leading distributor of spare parts for professional kitchens, coffee and vending machines in Europe. We pride ourselves on having the largest range of high-quality spares in Europe and the best service. With several automated warehouses, 13 international locations and over 700 Employees we as a Group are dedicated to quick & efficient delivery of spare parts – order today & receive your spares tomorrow. Members of the REPA Group are LF (Italy), GEV (Germany), EPGC (France), Atel (Italy) and CCS (UK).