REPA's OEM partners

Working together, across Europe

REPA is now Perfect Fry Exclusive Master Distributor in EMEA

“We have partnered with REPA to ensure our European partners have access and next-day delivery for all Blodgett, BKI, and Perfect Fry parts.”

Colin Fox, Vice President of International Sales, Blodgett, BKI, Marsal & Perfect Fry

Perfect Fry, known all over the world for his innovative and simple-to-operate countertop deep frying solutions, has built on its leadership in technology and reputation for quality. Perfect Fry is part of The Middleby Corporation.

REPA and Perfect Fry are now partnering together for a quicker and more efficient after-sales service in EMEA region.

Thanks to this partnership, the REPA customers can now take advantage of a wide range of original parts for Perfect Fry within the REPA webshops:

• 100% original spare parts
• Easy search by original part number, device and exploded drawings
• Fastest delivery service in the industry
• Specialized technical support.