REPA's OEM partners

Working together, across Europe

REPA is an official spare parts distributor to MKN

MKN is the leading German producer of high-end professional kitchens and thermal technology
with highest quality possible when it comes to innovations, multifunctional solutions
perfectly designed products.

REPA is a partner at eye level in the supply of original spare parts to our customers, because it fully meets our high service standards and the expectations of our customers, both in terms of quality and speed of delivery. REPA’s “state of the art” spare parts solutions are professional and also offer a well-structured and accessible online platform. The partnership with REPA is an important step for the fulfilment of our customer promise of a lifetime partnership that our customers
can rely on.

Jörn Winkler, Director After Sales & Administration Sales MKN

REPA is official distributor of MKN since 2023. This partnership ensures an enhanced market satisfaction combining MKN’s competence in products and technology and REPA’s proficiency in e-commerce technology, logistics management, speed of delivery and proximity to customers.

The cooperation is active in Europe without UK.

What are your benefits?

REPA’s program for professional cooking systems has been expanded – Now also including the WaveClean® two-in-one cleaning cartriges.
  • Enlarged buying opportunity – Customers can now buy from MKN directly, from their service partners and from REPA.
  • Dedicated service teams in place – Knowledgeable and friendly technical support, always ready to help.
  • State-of-the-art and user-friendly webshops, available 24/7 – We’re always working hard to make your job easier!
  • REPA has increased its stock levels across all its logistic centers – Largest inventory of spare parts to have what you need in stock and ready to ship right away!