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REPA Filter Holder Gaskets

The REPA line of filter holder gaskets is a 100% Made in Italy series, designed to make the barista’s work more efficient.
Made of heat-resistant silicone (up to 300°c), these gaskets are made of 70SH silicone for easier installation in the unit.
Available in different sizes, with internal or external slits, these gaskets provide better sealing and longer service life than conventional gaskets.
Thanks to the bright colours, you can inspect their state of cleanliness and wear & tear much more easily. The measurements imprinted on the surface ensure faster recognition and matching to the correct coffee machine.

Main features:
– 100% Made in Italy
– visible dimensions on the gasket for easier identification
– high quality food grade silicone
– suitable for numerous brands
– REPA branded

Below is the list of codes:
1786430 FILTER HOLDER GASKET ø 64×52.,5×5.5 mm
1486056 FILTER HOLDER GASKET ø 72x57x8.5 mm
1486057 FILTER HOLDER GASKET ø 72x56x8 mm
1486050 FILTER HOLDER GASKET ø 73x57x8 mm
1486040 FILTER HOLDER GASKET ø 73x57x8,5 mm
1486042 FILTER HOLDER GASKET ø 72x55x6.1/8 mm
1486049 FILTER HOLDER GASKET ø 71x56x9 mm
1486060 FILTER HOLDER GASKET ø 72x58x7 mm (without REPA logo)