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HOBART and the REPA Group intensify partnership

Expanded first-class delivery of original HOBART spare parts across Europe

May 31st, 2022 – The REPA Group is expanding its range of original HOBART spare parts for warewashing machines. This is made possible by a strong partnership with HOBART, the global leading provider of innovative warewash solutions. Customers will be able to buy the full range of original spares now not only from HOBART and its service partners but also from the REPA Group, a leading distributor of spare parts in Europe.

Alexander Wiegand, CEO of the REPA Group, explains: “We are very pleased about the partnership with HOBART and about the fact that we can expand our dishwashing program with the complete portfolio of original HOBART spare parts. HOBART is the world market leader for commercial warewashing technology and therefore very important in the REPA Group portfolio. Becoming an official distributor of HOBART is a sign of the great trust HOBART has in the REPA Group and we are determined to offer the best spare parts service in the whole of Europe.”

Silvio Koch, Vice President and General Manager of HOBART, adds: „A first-class spare parts supply combined with short delivery times are our core objectives for supporting our partners in the after-sales service of HOBART machines. We are convinced that partnering with The REPA Group will ensure to do that in the best way across Europe. The REPA Group has state-of-the art online platforms enabling our customers easy and fast access to HOBART´s full range of original spare parts coupled with extremely fast delivery times. By intensifying our partnership with REPA, we are complementing our already excellent service.”

The full range of original HOBART Spares will be available from GEV and LF:  and

The REPA Group is a leading Group of European spare parts distributors and part of the PT Holdings family, which also includes Parts Town, First Choice Group and the Red Lightning Group. With several automated warehouses world-wide, 12 international locations and over 3,800 employees our Group is dedicated to a quick and efficient delivery of quality spare parts world-wide. Members of the REPA Group are LF (Italy), GEV (Germany), EPGC (France), Atel (Italy) and CCS (UK).

Based in Offenburg, Germany, HOBART leads the world market in commercial warewashing technology. We serve customers such as hotels, restaurants and caterers, bakeries and butcheries as well as supermarkets, airlines, cruise ships, automotive suppliers, research centres and pharmaceutical companies across the world. HOBART develops, produces and sells warewashing and cleaning, cooking, food preparation and waste treatment appliances and systems. HOBART is a subsidiary of the US Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Group, which manufactures and sells a variety of products; the group has a staff of 45,000 employees with 83 divisions in 52 countries.